Letters To My Dead Mother: Girl Grows Up

September 14th, 1992


Well after a whirlwind of graduating high school, odd jobs, we decided to not move into together but to get married! We have been engaged for some time. We were waiting till I turned nineteen which I will turn in a month. Then we were going to do it on the night we met next year. We realized why wait? We have been together two and a half years. We are committed to each other. I did not think it was possible that you could marry your best friend but I am. Yes, we have naysayers cause of our ages but we don’t care. We don’t believe in the whole living together because there is always a back door then. Marriage is for keeps and all that till death stuff. I wish you were here to help me with the prep. We are not waiting long. We plan to move in together November 1st and get married November 14th. Not long to plan. We don’t want a big thing. If I was old enough we would have just eloped. I never dreamed of big weddings and all that crap for just a day. I just want to be married and get on with my life with him. We have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by great friends who have this same philosophy through an organization that gives you the positive mental attitude you need to make a better life. I believe we are on that path.

                 Gotta fly to keep preparing.

                           Love you so much!


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