Home with Two Sick Kids

My back is starting to scream its painful cramp. I am curled on the couch, literally curled. In my lap is my sick four-year-old daughter. She has a bad cold paired with an ear infection. My two-year-old is conked out in the rocker chair not far away from us.

Today would have been the first day back-to-school from Spring Break. When my oldest said she didn’t want to go to school I didn’t argue. It is serious when she states that. I try to not look at the clock for the millionth time to see if I need to get lunch ready or a snack or a medicine dose.

Dang-its only 11am. What should I do? Normally I love home days. I love not rushing us three out the door so early. On the TV is a Barbie movie and my mind is starting to turn to zombie. The sleepless nights with the girls is catching up big time.

We have baked muffins. We have colored. We have watched three movies. We have been on every floor in the townhouse. No one is bugging to go outside despite the sun bursting through the drapes.

I ignore the stack of work sitting by my desk. Nothing too late, I tell myself. This is why I work-at-home so I can be here for my kids in sickness and health.  I do crave a freshly brewed coffee and time to savor it. There is no one to call and beg for a delivery.

My oldest girl opens her eyes for a hug. Ok. Sometimes you do need to just stop and hug.

*There are grammar mistakes, I know. I am typing with one hand. Need to feel productive.*

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