Taking a Writing Break

‘Mommy, more, please.” My tenacious four-year-old asks.

I fill up the bucket one more time to fill the water table. The squeals of my girls pierce the backyard. Their toys are scattered over the lawn. Summer heat is forgotten when the sprinkler and water table are the front and centre attraction.

I stretch out in the lounge chair and watch them splash around. It is unfathomable that summer is almost over. For two months we have been busy soaking up every last moment. In a blink, my oldest will be in kindergarten. Even my two-year-old will be exploring pre-school life.

What I have not done is catch up on my personal to-do list. Writing projects have been shelved for the past two months. While it is challenging to write with these two racing around, I also did not want to miss the last summer before full-time school begins. Gone will be the days of making plans as we go along with our days.

“Mommy, look.” My oldest calls out as she goes into a handstand.

“Perfect!” I shout out. I give her thumbs up as she races around the backyard.

I have a notebook filled with brief notes of memories we have made. I will take the time to write again as I am now. Filling my blog and journal of what the summer meant to me. Meanwhile getting wet and enjoying ice cream cones is the most important right now.

What do you remember about summer?



2 thoughts on “Taking a Writing Break

  1. Sadly, I’ve been on the opposite end of the spectrum this summer; too much work and not enough playtime with my kids. I’ve spent most of the summer trying to keep them occupied long enough to get some work done.
    Just yesterday I was talking to my husband about needing to change my work schedule around and make more time for the kids. I look forward to having a winter break with my kids where I schedule nothing but time with them!


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