WAHM needs to be WAM

I caught the tail end of a conversation on Twitter with @vancouvermom and @TwellMedia on changing WAHM to WAM (work-anywhere-mom.) I agreed that I am a Work Anywhere Mom, since I am writing this in the car while my two-year-old is taking a car nap. Rarely do I actually work-at-home when my two daughters are running around me and needing me. It’s challenging to say the least to make tight deadlines. So, I do it outside the home.

My youngest is happily playing at pre-school now. My oldest is in Full-Day kindergarten. For the first few weeks I followed a small schedule for myself to enjoy the five hours I get kid-free a week:

  1. Go out for coffee with cell phone close by and enjoy a hot cup or two in peace.
  2. Get some articles outlined while sitting alone.
  3. I saved my phone calls for that time. To have an uninterrupted phone call was such a pleasure.
  4. Go window shopping.
  5. Enjoy some non-kid T.V. at home with an open couch.

And please, DO NOT do housework for the first while.

I am sure when both girls are in full-time school I will be working more at home. It is amazing how much I can get done when alone.

I update my calendar, filling in my family’s schedule and it shocks me. Christmas break is in over two months. I look back to my sleeping preschooler. I predict I might get a chance to quickly go through the drive-thru nearby for some coffee before she wakes up. I might as well sneak some time while I can. And that is okay.

My name is Danielle. I am a WAM!

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