I don’t like 2013. 2012 was great!

20121008-073545.jpgMeet and Greet. J steals FSword20121114-095320.jpg

I stare at the new Family Calendar. The fresh year reveals its untouched surface. I have yet to update it with the family’s schedules. In my left hand are the school calendar and therapy schedules; in my right is the Sharpie marker to fill it all in. An overwhelming feeling washes over me. I am in denial. I do not want to begin a new year.
2012 was such an emotionally hard and great year rolled into a batch of twelve months. It started with our youngest daughter beginning speech and ABA therapies to help her with her delays and autism tendencies. She has done so well. We are so proud of her at every step of the way. Our oldest finished full-day kindergarten and began Grade 1. Her academic skills still surprises me as she reads a level up.
The year also marked a difficult one. The year I turned older than my mother lived. Some worry about turning 40, where I looked forward to it. The guilt of why did I get to live and she didn’t visits me frequently.
So on Thanksgiving Weekend I walked into our house to a surprise party. The people that took the time to celebrate with me still make me smile with gratitude. You can read about it more here.
Shortly after mine and my youngest daughter’s birthdays, we had the honor of meeting her rock stars, The Wiggles. She still holds the special feathersword with care.
In November, my husband and I marked our 20 year wedding anniversary by going on a rare date. It felt so good to get out without the kids and just hang out. We have been together for almost 23 years and he is still my best friend. I love that our girls see it every day. It is not easy sometimes, especially since we became parents later in our relationship. Having said that, I am very proud of us on how far we have come.
December arrived with our youngest needing her tonsils and adenoids out. The time in the hospital with her was awful. With her sensory and social challenges, I am grateful that the nurses finally listened to me to make her visit tolerable for her (and others). We were so happy to be home. Then, the cold bugs hit along with molars cutting. We didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas. The kids always motivate us to jump out of our comfort zone.
The biggest reason why I am anxious about 2013 is that our youngest will be registered for kindergarten. After over a year of therapy, I second-guess myself if she is even ready for it. She loves pre-school and her workers that come to the house. I worry if we should hold her back or would it harm her socially. The one thing that helps is that her sister would be there in the same school. A school the two have them have come to know over the past few years.
With a heavy sigh, I start to update the calendar. When January is done, I take a step back. Then it hits me, is it just me that is not ready for my girls to grow up?

The Tale of Two Featherswords

We are sitting where we will be having a picture with The Wiggles. Just as they arrive our youngest beauty goes over to join the group ahead of us. She starts to touch their costumes then hijacks Captain Feathersword’s feathersword!

He says it is okay and chats with her a bit. The other Wiggles join in with the talk as they come over to have a picture with us. The newest girl Wiggle, Emma,  takes our picture for us.

I cannot stop smiling, nor can the rest of us. As they are about to move on to the next group our girl does not want to give up the feathersword. The Captain says it is ok; just give it back when she is done. After mingling a bit we realize that we should go back to our seats. Time to give him back his feathersword.

We got Captain over for a quick picture then the hand off. Her tears and cries can be heard from all over, I am sure! We find our seats and drink in the wonderful stage setup. We give out snacks which calms her down.

As we relax and get excited for the show we spy the gentleman that escorted us to the Meet and Greet. It is Lachy, one of the new Wiggles. In his hand is a feathersword. My hubby and I watch him as he is clearly looking for someone. So, my husband approaches him.

They come over and Lachy hands over the feathersowrd to our girl. She takes it and starts to play with it. Lachy said that Captain knew how upset she was to give it back so he wanted her to have her own. Tears invade my eyes again as we thank him for this special gift.

Check out the pictures from the show. We hope you have had a chance to see them live.

Thank you Wiggles for making our family know that there is compassion and love in the world. Your kindness throughout your organization is so inspiring and appreciated. You made a special tale for our family. We will miss Greg, Murray and Jeff. We look forward to what is to come.

You remind us that we all need to take time to wiggle. xo


So this one time we met The Wiggles…


The weather is crisp and clear, perfect for a secret road journey into Vancouver. It is a secret because we are surprising our girls with a trip to see The Wiggles. The suspense has been killing me. With experience, we know not to tell our girls too early about something, otherwise they would ask every day if it is time. We do not get to surprise them often, because of The Wiggles we can do it.

We race around the stadium to find where we are to be. Then we drop the bomb. Our six-year-old is so excited that we are minutes away from meeting the talented performers that have been part of our household for years. We are escorted into the bowels of the stadium to reveal a small area set up with chairs and a back drop. Like magic, the men come out. Our sweet youngest walks right over to them to hang with the troupe. Her look of pure delight made my year. She keeps wanting to touch their costumes. Our oldest cannot stop calling out their names.

My heart and tears began to overflow. To see our girls’ excitement is the sweetest thing ever. When it is our turn to pose with them Captain Feathersword lets our bonus babe play with his feathersword. The look of childlike wonder to see her heroes live makes my heart swoon. The gentlemen could not be more accommodating. Looking around at the other parents I realize that these Auzzies have a special heart as many of the kids have special needs or disabilities, or many other afflictions. To say I am touched is an understatement.

We walk out of the room to our seats and cannot stop saying WOW! We look forward to the show.