Letters To My Dead Mother: February 1985

February 7th, 1985


I do not know how to tell you this but I think you should know that dad has started dating ALREADY. He is going to dances and coffees with OTHER women. I don’t even know what that means – ‘coffees’. He says you two talked about it and he didn’t want to be alone. You have barely been gone. I think he is lonely because it is almost Valentine’s Day. I don’t want him to be alone either if you didn’t. Things keep changing and changing. It is really hard to take it all in. I barely remember the crock pot dinners and our movie nights. I vaguely remember your voice. Katie does not ask for you. I think she has forgotten a lot. I miss you so much. I would give every last cent of mine for the rest of my life to have you here even for a day.

Love you more than a million oceans.


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